How do I complete a Peer Assessment?

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A Peer Assessment activity asks you to evaluate your classmates' performance using a rubric provided by your teacher. This could be focused on a specific activity (like a group project, a presentation, a blog, etc.) or on more general performance (things like participation, collaboration, etc.).

Open the Peer Assessment activity

To open a Peer Assessment, select the activity from your To-do List or Course Home tool. (How do I review course activities?)

With the activity selected, you can click View Rubric to review the evaluation guidance provided by your teacher.

Open the Peer Assessment activity

The rubric lists:

  1. The specific behaviors that your teacher wants you to evaluate and the total number of points possible for each.
  2. The levels of performance your classmate can earn on each behavior and the point ranges associated with each.
  3. A brief description of what your classmate should accomplish to earn each performance level.
  4. The total points possible for in the evaluation.

Evaluate classmates

To complete a Peer Assessment:

  1. Select the peer you want to evaluate.  
    • If your teacher wants you to choose your own group, an Add a Group Member option appears. Click it and select the classmate you are to evaluate. Do this for each student in your group.
    • If your teacher has already assigned groups, your group members are listed here and you don't have the option to Add a Group Member. Click the classmate you want to evaluate.
Evaluate classmates
  1. For each dimension, click the description that best matches your classmate's performance.
  2. Enter any feedback that you'd like to include about your classmate's performance in this area. Your teacher can deactivate this option, so the field doesn't always appear. Keep in mind that your classmate may see this evaluation.
  1. Enter Private comments to the teacher in the appropriate field.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Repeat steps 1-5 for each student you are required to evaluate (including yourself, if asked).

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