How do I use the Communication tool? [Student]

Ryan Richins
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Message teachers and graders

Send messages and review course announcements.

Buzz allows students to send messages that are delivered to the teacher and and any additional graders in a course using their external email addresses.

Parents/Observers cannot currently send mail using the Communication tool.

To send messages:

  1. Open the Communication tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Click the filter icon in the toolbar and select the desired course.
  1. Click the send mail icon in the toolbar.
  1. Write your message and click Send. Keep in mind that any message sent here is delivered to course graders in addition to your teacher. If you need to communicate with your teacher privately, use external email or another platform.

Review course announcements

  1. While course announcements appear in your Home and Activities tools, you can also search for and review them with the Communication tool.
  2. You can review messages from all courses, or use the filter icon to review messages from a single course.

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Review course announcements

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Michael! The reason this is occurring is because the SendMail feature requires that there be a configured application name. The default is Buzz. The application name in domain where the student's user account resides has been overridden in the domain settings XML with the empty string ''. That is not valid because the mail message contains text similar to "This mail was sent from Buzz on behalf of ...", where Buzz is replaced with the configured application name.

Michael Denton

The Send Mail dialog is missing most of the components. Is that a system wide error or, is there a setting I need to adjust somewhere?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Tony:

There is not currently a way for observers to send emails in Buzz. If a teacher sends an email to an observer, the observer can then reply to the email to send a message to the teacher.

Brian Curry

So this topic was last updated nearly one year ago. What is the status from the Product Team for facilitating this requirement? I have the same need and I'm extremely frustrated this feature is still not available. I am a very experienced Information Technology person and have personal knowledge and experience to understand the level of simplicity adding this feature to your website requires. It's inexcusable this feature was not added.

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

@Michael Denton:

I am able to experience this behavior in your environment. It's not system wide since it displays all of the components in my environment. Let me look into this more and I will get back to you with additional information on it. 

21e Herman

I need to send a message to my teacher but the send mail icon does not appear after I have chosen my course in communication.  Can you help me find how to send a message?



Tony Hamrick

I'm sorry I just received observer access. I'm trying to send an email to the teacher. But I don't seem to be able to.  I don't see the "paper airplane" at the top of the window.



Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Lalitk1405, while in the Communication tool, select the course in which you want to communicate with the teacher. After you select the course, you will see a "Send mail" option in the toolbar. You can see these instructions and screenshots above, under Old UI or New UI.


Thank you that really helped me!!


Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Herman!

I am sorry to hear this! Please reach out to your school as they will be able to address your reported behavior.

Michael Denton


Well, that kind of sucks. The application name was removed because the logo graphic had the name and it made it Edgenuity Edgenuity. I will need to find a compromise.



I really have to send a message to my teacher and I don't know how to. Can someone please tell me as quick as possible, since I have to contact her as quick as possible.

Rebeca Bautista

The issue Tony is having is also one that I am having with our observers - please consider an enhancement that allows observers to email the teacher.


I'm very frustrated with the new design for the online course. I need to contact the teacher as an assignment and I can't do that because there's no way to send an email. Also the scroll bars keep disappearing and it's very frustrating.

Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback, this request has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.


I'd like to offer feedback and a formal feature request; I'm surprised this hasn't already been raised by others.

When a student is sending a communication to their teacher, there ought to be an option (like a check box) to "send a copy of this message to myself",

where, if checked, it would CC the user who is actually sending the message.

That way, the user will be able to have a record of the initial communication.

Sometimes, a single message sent from Buzz to a teacher kicks off what becomes an email chain back and forth between teacher & student from their own email accounts, with the first message having originally been sent from Buzz and delivered to the teacher's email.
Only the recipient(s) of the initial message have a copy of that message.
The sender of the original message has no record of the message for themselves.

A simple toggle option on the message composition window (or an account setting) to' copy self on outgoing messages' would be well-received, as we have found this feature to be frequently in demand.

It was a feature in Brainhoney, and our users are universally dismayed at its absence in Buzz.

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