How do I use the Communication tool? [Student]

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Message teachers and graders

Send messages and review course announcements.

Buzz allows students to send messages that are delivered to the teacher and and any additional graders in a course using their external email addresses.

Parents/Observers cannot currently send mail using the Communication tool.

To send messages:

  1. Open the Communication tool from the Main Menu.
  1. Click the filter icon in the toolbar and select the desired course.
  1. Click the send mail icon in the toolbar.
  1. Write your message and click Send. Keep in mind that any message sent here is delivered to course graders in addition to your teacher. If you need to communicate with your teacher privately, use external email or another platform.

Review course announcements

You can click the Announcements icon anywhere it appears to open the Communication tool.

  1. While course announcements appear in your Home and Activities tools, you can also search for and review them with the Communication tool.
  2. You can review messages from all courses, or use the filter icon to review messages from a single course.
Review course announcements

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