How do I use the Communication tool?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

During the summer of 2017, we released a new Buzz UI and a cleaner, simpler user experience!

Until all users have switched to the new UI, our Help Center articles will include information for both. 

Click the header below that matches the Buzz UI version you are using (Old UI or New UI); if you don't know which version you are using, review the differences and/or contact your teacher.

Old UI

Send messages and review course announcements.

Message teachers and graders

Buzz allows you to send messages that are delivered to your teacher and and any additional graders in a course using their external email addresses.

  1. Open the Communication tool from the Main Menu.
  2. Select the desired course from the Course Chooser in the side of your toolbar.
  3. Click Send Mail in the the toolbar.
Message teachers and graders
  1. Write your message and click Send. Keep in mind that any message sent here is delivered to course graders in addition to your teacher. If you need to communicate with your teacher privately, use external email or another platform.

Review course announcements

While course announcements appear above your To-do List in your Home and Activities tools, you can also search for and review them with the Communication tool.

Review course announcements
New UI

Send messages and review course announcements.

Review course announcements

  1. While course announcements appear in your Home and Activities tools, you can also search for and review them with the Communication tool.
  2. You can review messages from all courses, or use the filter icon to review messages from a single course.
Review course announcements

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Tony Hamrick

I'm sorry I just received observer access. I'm trying to send an email to the teacher. But I don't seem to be able to.  I don't see the "paper airplane" at the top of the window.



Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Tony:

There is not currently a way for observers to send emails in Buzz. If a teacher sends an email to an observer, the observer can then reply to the email to send a message to the teacher.

Rebeca Bautista

The issue Tony is having is also one that I am having with our observers - please consider an enhancement that allows observers to email the teacher.

Scott Taylor
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the feedback, this request has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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