Student tool breakdown

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Get to know your toolbox

Open your Main Menu to navigate to any of the following tools:

  • Home: Home is Buzz's landing page and starting point for navigating the app. It displays current announcements for all courses, the To-do List for all courses, your Activity Stream, and Course Cards. This tool gives you a good overview of what's happening in all of your current courses.
  • Activities: Open Activities to access the Course Home page for any of your current courses. Course Home pages display course announcements, the To-do List, course activities, course links, your current score, daily agendas, and the Activity Stream.
  • Performance: The Performance tool enables you track your grades, activities, objective mastery, and the badges you've earned.
  • Communication: Message teachers and graders and access course announcements using the Communication tool.
  • Calendar: The Calendar displays due date notifications that are color-coded by course. Select a date or view for a list of activities.

Use these tools to take control of your education.


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