Student tool breakdown

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Get to know your toolbox

Open your Main Menu to navigate to any of the following tools:

  • Student app: This takes you to Buzz's landing page and starting point for navigating the app. It displays current announcements for all courses, the To-do List for all courses, your Activity Stream, and Course Cards. This tool gives you a good overview of what's happening in all of your current courses.
  • Grades: The Grades tool enables you track your grades, activities, objective mastery, and the badges you've earned. Accessing it from the Main menu shows you results from all active courses.
  • Notes: Buzz lets you create notes and attach them to courses, folders, and activities. After creating notes, you can return and review and edit them at any time. These notes are intended for personal use and only you can access them.
  • Communication: Message teachers and graders and access course announcements using the Communication tool.
  • Calendar: The Calendar displays due date notifications that are color-coded by course. Select a date or view for a list of activities.
  • Course menus: The courses you're enrolled in are listed under the Calendar. Click them to access the Activities player and detailed Grades the selected course.

Use these tools to take control of your education.


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