How do I use the Activities tool and Course Home pages?

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Visiting your Course Home pages often is the easiest way to keep on top of your classes.

Each course has its own Course Home as part of the Activities tool; you can access it in one of the following ways:

  • Select the course’s Course Card from the Home page.
  • Select the desired course from the Main Menu and click Activities.

Course Home toolbar

The Course Home tool bar lets you:

  1. Review Course Links to review resources that the teacher has marked as important to the course.
  2. Filter the displayed content by period.
  3. Expand the screen width for activities.
  4. Create self-assigned tasks (if enabled by your teacher).
  5. Review the student's a Self Assessment for the course.
  6. Get help using Buzz.

Course Home left panel menu

On a Course Home page, the left panel allows you to access:

  1. Course folders and activities, which, when selected, displays your course activities in order.
  2. The To-do List, which, when selected, displays assignments with due dates coming up within seven days by default. Here, you can review, open, and complete (where allowed) upcoming and past-due activities.
  3. Course Announcements.
  4. Notes for courses, folders, and activities.

Course Home content

Without choosing a folder or activity from the left panel, the Course Home displays:

  1. Daily agendas posted by your teacher.
  2. Your Last Visited activity as well as the activity that is Up Next.
  3. The course summary or course messages from you teacher.
  4. Your course actions, starting from the most recent, using the Activity Stream; click the posts to open the activity, badge, or announcement listed. If your teacher has provided feedback, you can open it from here as well.

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  • Notice that as you open activities from anywhere in a Course Home, the Course Home button remains in the toolbar as an easy way back.
  • Once you’ve selected an activity from the Course Home, you can use the forward and back arrows in the toolbar to browse course activities.

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Lynn Finn

I completed the online course "All About Balanced Literacy and English Language Learners" but cannot find anyplace, any link, etc. regarding course completion. How do I obtain proof of completion to obtain credit, and what is a more direct way of finding help from BOCES/Agilix  regarding these courses?  Once I straighten this out I will need to sign up for another, but can't find any way to move forward.  Thanks-


Scott Taylor

Hello Lynn,

Your school will be able to see your course completion from the back end to provide credit. You are able to also review the courses you have completed by selecting the Performance page from the homepage and selecting the option of "Show Past Courses", which will display the grades and completion percentage of your non-active courses.

Your school should be able to provide additional assistance and more information on the preferred way of contacting them.

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