How do I use the Activities tool and Course Home pages?

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Visiting your Course Home pages often is the easiest way to keep on top of your classes.

Each course has its own Course Home as part of the Activities tool; you can access it in one of the following ways:

  • Select the course’s Course Card from the Home page.
  • Select the desired course from the Main Menu and click Activities.

Course Home toolbar

The Course Home toolbar lets you:

  1. Create and review User Notes.
  2. Create self-assigned tasks (if enabled by the teacher).
  3. Review the student's a Self Assessment for the course.
  4. Review course announcements.
  5. Get help using Buzz.

Course Home header

The Course Home header includes:

  1. At-a-glance progress check, a quick link to the Grades tool, and the ability to hide progress data quickly for privacy.
  2. Agenda information front-and-center with easy navigation to other days.
  3. Current projects overview, including progress data.
  4. Access to the Activities, To-do list, and Course links tabs.

The Activities tab

On the Activities tab, students can:

  1. See an overview of the course.
  2. Open activities and folders, complete activities, and return to the Course Home.
  3. Search for activities and folders by title.

Activity workspace

When students open an activity, they can:

  1. See which folder(s) the activity is in, and navigate to those folders; use the arrows to the left to navigate to the previous and next activity.
  2. Jump to any of the cards included in the activity.
  3. Complete and submit the activity using the new workspace with autosave and View grade details.
  4. Navigate to the previous or next activity in the course.
  5. Close the activity to return to the Activity player.

The To-do List tab

The To-do List displays assignments with due dates coming up within seven days by default. Here, you can review, open, and complete (where allowed) upcoming and past-due activities.


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