How do I review and complete course activities?

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Review all activities in a course using the Activities tool.

Open Activities where you can:

  1. See an overview of the course.
  2. Review your To-do list.
  3. Review and open your Last visited activity and/or Up next activity.
  4. Search for activities and folders by title and filter them by Period.
  5. Open folders to review and complete activities.

Complete activities

An activity can consist of various parts:

  1. Use the Jump to menu at the top to review any of the parts.
  2. The activity instructions appear at the top of the page.
  3. The Submission section is where you put your work. This example shows an assignment activity that asks for attachments.
  4. When you've completed an activity, click Submit my work. Buzz automatically saves your progress as you go, so you can leave the activity and return to finish.
  1. Your teacher can provide additional information and help that appears in the Attachments and Course links cards.
  2. If the activity is intended to help you learn or master a specific goal, you can learn about that in the Objectives section.
  3. The Peer help section shows you which of your classmates have completed the activity in case you want to ask one of them for help understanding it.
  4. Use the Previous activity and Next activity buttons at the bottom of the screen to go forward or back in the course.

Accessibility notes

  • An inline help item appears on this screen that is not currently supported by screen readers. It appears when you attempt to retry an activity that has been locked and reads: Your teacher has assigned a score that you cannot change.

Review scores and feedback in Grade details

When an activity has been scored, you can click Grade details to review scores, feedback, and more!

The To-do List tab

The To-do List displays assignments with due dates coming up within seven days by default. Here, you can review, open, and complete (where allowed) upcoming and past-due activities.


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