Buzz System Requirements

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Supported browsers

Buzz supports the following browsers:

Screensize: Minimum width of 1024 px



Agilix does not support running Buzz within an iframe.

Accessibility and Buzz

Agilix is dedicated to making Buzz accessible.

Upload limits

Content Limit Details
Import course or Common Cartridge 250MB No individual file in the import can exceed 250MB.
Course resource 250MB Per upload.
Announcement 100MB Per upload.
Blog 100MB Per upload.
Student submission 100MB Per upload.
Teacher response 100MB Per upload.
Peer response 100MB Per upload.
Wiki page 100MB Per upload.


  • For the best Buzz experience, keep your browser updated. Although your browser should prompt you to install updates as they arise, you can ensure you're using the most current version by downloading and installing the most recent release.

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Dell Allen

Nice to know that so many browsers are supported. Thanks. 

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