How do I sync my Buzz calendar to external calendars?

Ryan Richins
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You can easily sync your Buzz Calendar to certain external calendars, like Google Calendar!

To sync your Buzz Calendar to an external calendar, follow the external calendar’s "Add Calendar" directions.

Don't use your calendar's “Import” feature. Importing a calendar brings in a static snapshot of your Buzz Calendar instead of syncing the calendars regularly, as the “Add Calendar” feature does.

To find your Buzz Calendar’s address (in iCal format), open your Buzz Calendar from the Main Menu and click *Sync.

*As of the summer of 2017, some users are using the new Buzz UI in which the Sync icon looks like this:

Syncing your Buzz Calendar to an external calendar helps simplify and centralize scheduling.


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Lyn Franklin

Is it possible for students to sync the calendars? In other words, if a student is out of town for a week and they block their personal calendar, is there a way for the assignments to not be assigned that week?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Lyn:

There is no way to sync an external calendar into the Buzz calendar. You can sync Buzz into an external, but not the opposite. 


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