How do I change my user settings? (Student)

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Customize your Buzz experience.

To access your user settings, click the User menu and select Settings.

From here, you can edit:

  1. The Email Address you want used (if allowed).
    • If you have not verified your email address, you will see a prompt to do so. You must verify your information to get email.
  2. Your Profile picture (if allowed).
  3. LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Privacy. Some course authors use LTI to integrate external applications, like, to enhance your experience. You can choose to hide your email and/or name from these external websites by checking the appropriate boxes.
  4. Other by choosing to:
    • Turn on additional visual indicators if color indicators are not effective for you.
    • Hide scores in activity stream and course home. When this box is checked, Buzz displays a checkmark next to completed activities instead of the score. Check this box if you want to hide your scores when working in public spaces.
    • Hide excused items. Use to control the visibility of excused items.
  5. Notification Preferences and Notifications email.

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