How do I use the Home page?

Ryan Richins
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There’s no page like Home.

Home page screens

The Home page includes three screens:

  • Courses
  • To-do List
  • Activity Stream

Courses screen

On the Courses screen, you can:

  1. Order courses.
  2. Access Help.
  3. Open the User Menu
    • Customize your settings and themes.
    • Change your password (where allowed).
    • Join a course using a registration code provided by the course instructor (if allowed in your organization).
    • Learn more about Buzz.
    • Logout of Buzz.
  4. Review Announcements.
  5. Review content from your school/district/organization.
  1. Use Course Cards to:
    • Review scores and course progress (indicates how many of the gradable activities you have completed).
    • Access the course Activities and Grades tools.
    • Track how much time is left in the course; they will show an alarm clock icon when they are about to expire.

To-do List screen

The To-do List includes upcoming and past-due activities. By default, the To-do List displays activities with due dates coming up within seven days.

Click activities to open them.

Activity Stream screen

Review your recent activity, starting from the most recent, using the Activity Stream; click the posts to open the activity, badge, or announcement listed.

Your Home page gives you immediate access to the tools you need and to task reminders to help you stay on top of everything.

Additional articles


  • Use teacher-provided registration codes to easily join courses.
  • The Course Chooser remains in the navigation bar so you can jump between courses at any time. Selecting a course from the Course Chooser on the Home page will filter all information to just that course.
  • You can search your To-do List to find specific activities.

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Mark Lyvers
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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Mark, we don't have any video tutorials but rather documentation on how to use Buzz. For students, the best place to start is the Getting started with Buzz: Students manual.

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Athen Miller

How do we switch to the new UI?

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RCSD eLearning Team

We think it was a mistake in the new UI to separate the Activity Stream from the student homepage - with that information being on a separate tab we are finding that students do not go to it to read that information and they are back to missing all the teacher feedback.  We had that issue before you developed the activity stream (which we love) and find it was much more useful when it was right on their homepage (right in their face so to speak) when they login.  

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Scott Taylor


Your Domain Administrator will have more information regarding how to access the new UI, please reach out to them for further guidance.

Thank you RCSD for the feedback regarding the Activity Stream.

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It was good and helpful.

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how can you take a third posttest


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Gball001!

Please reach out to your school to address taking exams within Buzz. 

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