How do I use the Main Menu?

  • Updated:

From the Main Menu, you have access to:

  1. The course information from all of your courses, including:
    • Student app home page, where you can review course status, your To-do List, recent activity, etc.
    • Grades, where you can review your progress in all courses.
    • Notes, where you can create notes and attach them to courses, folders, and activities.
    • Communication, where you can access messages from teachers.
    • Calendar, where you can review due dates.
  2. Your individual courses (more detail below).
  3. Help suggestions tailored to the screen you're currently on.

When a course is selected from the menu, the top section compresses, and a course-specific menu expands allowing you to:

  1. Still access global content from the compressed menu.
  2. Navigate back to the original Main Menu.
  3. Open the Activities and Grades information for the selected course.

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