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Matching error

Chad T. Lower

This error started happening with the last update (9/29), so I was hoping it would be fixed with this update (10/6), but it wasn't.

Here is a question and how I see it in the editor and how students used to see it before last Thursday:

Here is the same question and how students see it today:

I was thinking it might be because there are images in the left side, but here is another question in the same assessment. How it is in the editor:

And how students see it:

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Chad T. Lower

I found another issue today in another course.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Chad! 

I am sorry that you have encountered behavior that is unexpected. We have made changes this past week that targets matching questions and may have resolved some or all of the behaviors you are seeing. 

Currently the information provided in this thread is insufficient for me to investigate the cause of the reported behavior from the examples. Instead, if the behaviors are still occurring, I would like to see where those question examples are located, examples of how they behaved in the past and how they are expected to behave currently by reaching out to your authorized representative within your online education institution to document and address those reported examples and if needed, they may escalate a report to Agilix Support to investigate. 

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