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Show Sibling Source Course ID

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Marc Collins
Although I understand that once created, a derivative sibling has no connection with the sibling course from which it was created and is instead linked to the parent. However, it is still sometimes useful to know from which course a derivative sibling was created. Would it be possible to add this information (source sibling, or some similar wording) to the course details page, in the same fashion the base course is displayed?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Marc, while it may not be ideal, you can still discover this in the Admin app. If you go to the History tab of the course, select Details for any version of the course, and then scroll to the very bottom, you will be able to find the course in which the current course was copied from. In other words, it is the sibling in your situation. The course ID of the course that was the source of the copy is stored in the "sourceid" field.

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Marc Collins

Great! thank you for pointing this out.
The need to look this up only comes up once in a while and this method works for me. 

Thank you!

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