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Clarify "grace period" for unverified email or phone number - banner still appearing after 1 week

Meri Tunison

Hello! We are seeing some potentially inconsistent behaviors in Buzz regarding the unverified email/phone number warning banner and would appreciate clarification on what SHOULD be happening if possible. For example, we have a test student user that is unable to permanently dismiss the banner and is not set to receive notifications from Buzz. As far as I know, none of their test teachers have sent the student an email through Buzz. The banner returns for that student after they refresh their browser tab.

Questions are based on the language included here:

"Change: Buzz will begin blocking messages for unverified emails and phone numbers. After implementation, when a message is sent from Buzz to an unverified account, the user is given one week to verify their information before Buzz begins blocking messages. During this grace period, the banner remains visible, and users receive an automated message from Buzz prompting them to verify their information along with the first message they receive during this time."

See questions below:

  1. Does the "grace period" begin anew every time a message is sent from Buzz? Is it a one time thing?
  2. It seems that users who are unable to verify or are choosing not to verify would not be able to dismiss the banner DURING the "grace period" permanently. However, can they dismiss it permanently AFTER the 1 week grace period has ended? Or is the banner supposed to disappear on its own?
  3. If a student has never been sent a message in Buzz (ie they are not signed up for notifications and their teacher has never sent communications through Buzz), will they still see a banner? Can they dismiss that banner?

Thank you!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Meri! Hope all is well for you! 

The grace period begins when the user who isn't verified is first sent a message. Additionally, if a teacher sends a message to a unverified account, the teacher will receive an email indicating the recipient is not verified. That will help to identify the user and begin the dialogue with the student to verify their contact information.  See Why wasn't my message/email sent with Buzz? for additional information. 

If a user is unable to verify their contact information, please submit a ticket to Agilix Support. If they are choosing to not verify their contact information the school will need to address it with the user as they may stop receiving messages through Buzz. In some cases it's possible a user may desire to not receive messages. Additionally, if a school's users aren't using email in Buzz, the school can disable the email function in the domain feature page which will impact all users in the domain.

The verify banner will disappear after the user verifies their contact information or if it's an email address that needs verified but the email feature is later disabled in the domain features page. 

The verify banner will display to users who have not verified their contact information, regardless of messages sent to them. 


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