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Troubleshooting Unable to Submit Error

Annette Walaszek

Is there a place where we can research various submission errors? We have an instance of the following error message when a student tried to submit a test:

Unable to submit

Code: NoAuthentication

Error ID: f5c5902ed5c040f5b66f891a5d77c0af

Message:No Authentication: action='submitattemptanswers'

(student was working in the test for approx. 43 minutes)

Prior to this message the student saw an 'Unable to keep session alive, please check your connection. Click Login to resume your session.' error at approx. 27 minutes into the test. The student was then able to move within the test and was actively typing an essay answer. So we are speculating that a dropped internet connection caused the 'unable to submit' error but it would be helpful to know if the error ID gives more information about the issue.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Annette! Thanks for reaching out!

The no authentication message is an expected message when the user's authenticated session with Buzz has been terminated. This could have occurred for various reasons not limited to, an idle timeout passed, the user put their computer to sleep and then came back to it, the CAS server (if used for authentication) ended the session etc. 

I am sorry that we currently don't have a list to provide of errors that occur when trying to submit. However, we can lookup errors for you if you need additional information on what they mean or their cause. You may request that through a ticket submission to Agilix Support.  

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