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LeRoy Nelson
Hello. I am having our student post things like pictures, video, charts, graphs, tables, etc. in text boxes. Some are running into issues where when they submit, Buzz just circles and won't submit. We suspect they are submitting large resolution pictures and video. We like to submit everything in Buzz, but often have to have student email such items. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello LeRoy!

Just a friendly heads up, this post may be better addressed by users in the Buzz Questions and Answers forum. This comment was posted in the Buzz Product Feedback page which is mostly used for requesting product improvement/changes to the system.

I would expect that it may take longer for some users to upload rich content into Buzz if the users aren't using a good internet connection. If it's not reproducible by users on a strong connection, then that may point to a local issue that the users will need to address. From your description it sounds like it might be a local issue since it only impacts some users. 

If it can be reproduced on a good connection then we should look into what might be causing it. At that point you could reach out to your authorized support contact within the school organization to have them submit a ticket to Agilix Support.  


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