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Melissa Piette
I'm wondering how I can make sure that my learners have the most content real estate on their screen. I have users on Chromebooks and MacBooks/ Chrome. What settings should be turned on so that the menus are off, the bottom footer is removed and the content has the most space?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Melissa! 

May ask what menus you are referring to in Buzz? It may be helpful for us to see what you are working with and the content on the page to provide a better solution. If you want to, could you provide some screenshots of this so we can better understand what you are encountering? 

If this pertains to the activity player and if it is using a course resource or website, a user may select the check box "Fit content to available height and width" within the activity tab of the activity editor. See image below. Other options, include changing the zoom function on the browser or removing the border of the browser around the webpage temporarily. 



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