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Two suggestions regarding "time limit" setting on assessments

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Meri Tunison

Hello! I have two suggestions regarding the "time limit" setting on assessments in Buzz.

1) I believe that Agilix has added more Bulk Edit options in the past year or two, and I have another I would like to add - it would be very useful for our teachers and course authors to be able to easily add/remove time limits course-wide.

2) Additionally, could the "ignore time limit" accommodation be changed to fully remove the head's up on the assessment info page (see highlighted image below) - that would help remove confusion for students. Currently, if they have that accommodation, they still see the setting displayed on the info page even though the countdown/stopwatch does not appear when they actually start the assessment. So, it works at a minimal functional level, but doesn't fully "ignore" the time limit setting and is a source of stress and confusion for our students with accommodations.

Thanks for considering!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Meri Tunison, regarding the second issue, we consider that a bug. We have a fix for it and will be released in this week's (Thursday) update.

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Annette Walaszek

Are there any plans to expand the bulk edit choices to add/remove time limits? In addition to removing the limits for all course assessments, it would be helpful to be able adjust time limits in bulk for selected assessments (example: all the course quizzes).

Thanks for any update you can provide!

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