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Brian Collins
Hello! We're writing a process that allows us to find all locked assignments within the domain and then send an email notification that will allow a teacher to review the item. We're able to return the results and process accordingly by using listenrollments for the last 24 hours with activity and then getsubmissionstate for the items within the enrollment. However, that means we're making an http call for each item in each freshly used enrollment, it's a lot of data and takes several hours to run. We have looked for another option for finding locked items but haven't came up with anything thus far, any suggestions? I made a feature request for a teacher notification for when 'assignment is locked', which I think is the best place for this, but using the API would work for now. Thanks!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Brian: 

I see a support ticket has been submitted and so we will be working and continuing our conversation through it. 

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