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User Permission - Read Full for teacher collaboration

We have created a user account that a group of teachers are using in order to view and access each others courses. We have given the user "read" and "read full" rights at the domain level and have also given the same rights at the course level. When the teachers log in with this user account, the courses are not visible on their home screen for access. I would really appreciate any insights into the "read full" permissions as we would like our teachers to be able to view the back end of the courses without editing the courses.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member


Could you clarify what you are wanting teachers to be able to do and view inside a course? I am not sure I understand what you mean specifically by the backend of courses. 

Buzz requires course level edit rights for a teacher to be able to access the course editor, which would also allow them to make edits to the course content. Additionally from the permissions you mentioned, there are no gradebook permissions selected, so Buzz will treat it almost like a student since the teacher would have no access to the course editor nor the teacher gradebook. 

If this is going to be used for a TA what you could do is give them those two read permissions you mentioned plus view gradebook. That would allow them to see the course card on their homepage, but not be able to edit the course, see the teacher gradebook, but not be able to grade activities and submit final grades. 

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Thank you for your response.  When I referred to the "backend" I was referring to the editor.  We would like additional teachers to be able to look at the editor and view settings without having the ability to make any changes.  So a read only editor mode is what we were hoping for.  The more that I have read on your site, I don't think that this is an option. 

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