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I regret purchasing an independent study course for my teen because navigating Buzz is so cumbersome it interferes with accessing content. I cannot imagine why anyone would think it a good idea to NOT have a simple, humble left-side course content navigation. Searching help has not... helped. So, we are left with a course in which the instructor has individual pages for most everything. An overview of the Unit - it has its own page. Lesson objective - it has its own page. A tiny portion of the content of a unit - that's right, it has its own page. How much easier it would be to move around the content with a traditional, pinned navigation strip is hard to describe. She has to modify the web address to reach the activities page and them try to navigate through all of this. Trying to review specific content? No bueno. Seriously, the course content is EXCELLENT. The LMS is overly-bloated and 'intuitive' in a way that undermines ease of use.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Kriddie!

I am sorry that you have had a negative experience. I don't know how their course is authored to provide additional context. We don't create the content that is used in the courses and structure their directory layout. That would be an area you would need to discuss with the online institution the user is enrolled in. 

We elected to go without a side directory tree to help simplify the view for students to navigate. This also helps to improve the user experience on mobile devices. The same directory functionality that you would see on the side panel is now in the center of the page of the activity player. 

We went with the user experience to display objectives on their own page because several objectives may be aligned to an activity which if was displayed all on the same page could cause confusion for user that is navigating the activity. 

We will take your feedback into consideration! Thank you for reaching out.  

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