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Ivan Traylor
It would be incredible to be able to move the Audio//Video recorder over so that we could see the work our students have done while recording. Even better to be able to scroll through the work while recording. Even better to be able to record ourselves with the work in the background. However, just the first improvement would be a massive help and would be awesome. Thanks!!!!! Ivan Traylor

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Ivan Traylor, just last week we updated Buzz so that you can move the audio/video recorder while still scrolling and viewing the student's submission. Happy learning and teaching!

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Ivan Traylor

Thanks Brad!

That is really awesome.  I already noticed that the video recorder was to the side.  I hadn't noticed yet that you could scroll too!  That is killer!  I really appreciate it and think it is great.

Ivan Traylor

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