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The new "Capture Image" tool in Buzz assignment text editor makes images too small

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Meri Tunison

Hello, below is a video and screenshot showing how small the "Capture Image" tool inserts images into the Comments area when compared to the traditional upload options. Can this be improved to capture images in a larger size and better resolution? Right now, this new tool in the text editor is great in theory, but not useful in practice due to shrinking the image to the point where it is hard for a teacher to see a student's work clearly. I used a test student/course below to demonstrate this. Thanks for considering!



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Bruce Sharp

This is an issue for teachers at my school too. For example, we have algebra students upload photos of their graphs. The photos are too small to see clearly. I typically have to zoom my browser to 175%. Sometimes that isn't even enough, but if I go to 200% it actually gets smaller due to the way the activity grader screen is organized. Then I zoom back out to finish and go to the next student, then zoom back in again. It is very tedious and cumbersome.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello everyone! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! 

We have made a change to increase the resolution of the captured image to improve readability. This change is tentatively scheduled to be included in our next release. In general, system changes will be included within our release notes of the What's New page. You may also subscribe to that page to be informed of weekly releases. Release notes will be posted when the system has updated. 

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Bruce Sharp

Great! Thanks for the fix Brian. And thanks for the original post bringing it to their attention Meri!

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