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Jada Callahan
Is there a better way of creating Badges for courses that doesn't involve you going into EACH course and creating badges every time? Can Badges be created in a teacher resource folder or something and then just pulled into the courses where you want them to go? I love designing and assigning them but such a pain to have to add them to each course individually and then lose them when you change courses.

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Jason Albertson

+1 to this idea!

It would be great if teachers had a personal, meta-course resource library that included a place to design/store reusable badges.

Another option might be to enable adding badges from a library, similar to the way that activities can currently be added from a library. That would let teachers copy forward badges they've designed for other classes.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello everyone!

One possible solution is for an admin to create badges in the domain settings. This makes the badge available to all courses in the domain which a teacher may choose from. Thereby preventing a teacher from manually having to re-create their badges in each course of the domain. 

Those are good suggestions that we will take into consideration. 

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