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Extra Credit indication in API

Michael Choate
Problem statement: The status bit indicating that an activity is extra credit is not set in the status returned for getentitygradebook3 and getentitygradebook2. Example: cmd=getentitygradebook3&entityid=//accelerate-hudson/M_SEC_4317&allstatus=true&calculated=true&itemid=*&userid=//accelerate-hudson/M_S22004 In the API return - Your Turn: Set Design has status=0 Seeing is Believing Quiz has status=16516 Line by Line Quiz has status= 16516 16516 = 0x4084 = ShowScore, Excluded, ScoredByTeacher Expected 0x0200 set for Extra Credit in all three activities

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Michael!

Extra credit for grade status implies that a score was returned to the student with extra credit. In that example the student did not receive a score and was excused. 

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Michael Choate

Thank you Brian. I understand your comment.

My remaining related issue is that I cannot determine which activities are extra credit from those API results. The extra credit activities are not counted in the progress summary. If I scan the activities I do not see a status or other indicator that an activity is extra credit and should be ignored for progress.

In other words, in my example student, the gradable activity count provided in the summary has 3 fewer activities than the total gradable assignments records returned. How do i find the three that are excluded?


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