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Assignment in Dropbox is not displayed as completed

Diana McGinley
Assignments are in the Dropbox across all subjects but there is neither a checkmark on the icon for the submission in the Activities view nor does it show as pending under the Grades tab in the individual courses. The student is completing quizzes, but has to screenshot them and send them as email attachments because they are not being saved and scored either. District IT thought they had it fixed but it only "took" for the specific assignments they adjusted, not any past assignments or those newly submitted after the fix. They said they'll try again but since they are not sure why it's not working they aren't sure how to fix it. Suggestions ASAP please as we're nearing the end of first semester. THX

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Diana:

I would confirm the completion trigger in the activity settings is set to when the student submits the activity. If issues remain, please reach out to your organization's authorized account so they may submit a ticket to Agilix Support if needed regarding this issue. Without more details on this and what changes the district performed to fix it, it will be difficult to say for sure what is the cause without a deeper investigation into it. 

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Diana McGinley

Hi Brian -

District IT's second try at fixing the issue was successful today.

The Chrome browser was the problem. Clearing the browser history and cache repeatedly did not work.

Using Edge or Firefox with popups disabled was the solution. 

Why this was not an issue for the first 12 weeks of school and suddenly became a problem is unknown.

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