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audio and video feedback issue

Robyn Hanan
Please see note from our virtual academy director: Since the update this week, the audio and video feedback in the gradebook and needs grading area is no longer functioning. It has stopped accepting MP4 files that the teachers upload. It has also gotten so slow in uploading the built in video feature that teachers have to now wait on it to full load to continue grading. Previously the teacher could create the video and then move on while it loaded. This is making the feature unusable due to the increase in time. This is the primary mode for feedback for most teachers now so this is critical for us to get fixed. Thank you, Robyn Hanan

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Robyn! 

I am not able to experience an MP4 video not uploading to the teacher grade editor feedback window. What Buzz is doing now is it waits until the video is done processing before allowing you to leave. This is to prevent the possibility of the video being saved in a bad state. 

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