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Losing curriculum Feed from Parent to Child

Russell Brown
We have broken our links an several Parent/Child, or Master/Child curriculum. I know there is a way to get them restored, I was taught how a few years ago. It involves visiting another web-site, but I lost that information. Can someone tell me the information I need to heal the broken connections?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Russell, I am sorry to hear this! 

In general the activity data between the child and base course activities need to be the same in order to inherit changes. Often this does need to be performed through the API depending upon what data needs to be aligned again with the data in it's source course activity. But you can compare in the activity History page between the base course activity and the child course activity what changes were made that broke it's relationship. I recommend reaching out to your organization's authorized contact and if needed, they may submit a ticket to Agilix Support for assistance. 

Also, if desired, your organization could create the activities in child courses using item links which would prevent breaking the relationship through edits.

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