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Sue Steiner
I am wondering if a student gets a 50% on an assessment, you allow a retry and ask that student to resubmit, will it show that the assignment is completed even though they only earned a 50% (or a similar low percent). Will they get the congratulatory message? Is there a way we can watch this from the teacher end? For instance, if a student completed a module with all low percent scores, will they get the congrats message? I had one student submit one or two word answers just to make it look like the assignments were completed. Is there a threshold for scores? I didn't see that in the Buzz Release Notes.

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Bruce Sharp

As far as an item being marked complete, you can change that in the settings for the activity. For example, I have my daily algebra assignments set to be marked completed when the students receive a passing score. Then I changed the passing score to 80% (since they can redo each question until it is correct). That way it won't come off of a student's to-do list until they get at least 80%.

I have no idea about congratulatory messages. If you want to check it from the student's perspective, switch to the student app. Then complete the assignment with a low score to see if it sends you the message.

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Michele Nickels

Hi Bruce thanks for your feedback, but I think there is a misunderstanding of the contrats message.  According to Buzz release notes 

"Starting next week, students in continuous enrollment courses will start receiving congratulatory prompts when they complete all activities by the recommended deadlines.

This will help students recognize when they are caught up on a course, so they can assess their best next steps."

So taking one assessment as a learner will not produce this message for a teacher.  Teachers are not enrolled as learners so do not have a unique pace chart of due dates associated for them to see this from the learner perspective. 

Sue is using a continuous enrollment course with her learners.

Thanks for any additional insight you can provide for Sue's original question based on the above additional detail.

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Bruce Sharp

Thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize it was a continuous enrollment courses. I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of those. I do know that many things are handled differently. Sorry for any confusion my response may have caused.

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Bruce Sharp

Sue, since I'm not sure how similar/different activities are in a continuous course I took some screenshots from my course so you can compare. Here is what I was talking about regarding completion. Open an assignment in the editor. Go to the settings tab. Scroll down to the Advanced activity options pane. You can see in my screenshot below that there is a dropdown menu for when the assignment is considered complete. Notice the default is students submits this activity. From this the student could submit anything and it would get marked complete.


Here is a screenshot of the options I mentioned. I usually set this to receives a passing score. Then in the advanced gradebook options pane I set a high threshold for passing.


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

It will congratulate students upon completing the activity so they know they are caught up in the course, otherwise they could end up going on through the course without some guidance of their progress. The completion trigger is defined in the activity settings. As Bruce indicated, the completion trigger can be modified in the activity settings. One tweak to this is that you can define the passing score for all items in the course settings or individually in the activity settings. Another note is the the activity setting passing score should not be higher than the course passing score. 

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