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Kelly Moran
I had students poke around in the course and just submit activities. I am new to this and I hadn't hidden things yet. I watch a video about how to allow retry, but when I go to these submissions, the Allow Retry button is grayed out. How do I allow retry in this case? Also, how do I allow a student to take an assessment again?

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Jason Albertson

I think the Allow Retry button will become clickable if you do one of these two things:

  1. Type a grade in the grade-entry field (0% or something like that), or
  2. Click the Override Complete button. The grading dialog will close, but when you open it again, the Allow Retry button will be clickable.
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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

The allow retry button will become available after a student submission or a grade is issued. it's intent is to allow the student to retake the exam. 

We do not recommend using the override complete button in the grade editor for this intent because that is not it's intended design. Instead the override complete button is designed to be used when an activity is gated thereby allowing the student to continue to the next activity even if they didn't master the activity. Gated activities prevent a student from advancing to the next activity unless they have mastered the defined trigger defined in the activity settings that will allow them to move to the next activity. 

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