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Gray squares on screen in buzz

Scott Finnegan
Hi, when logged in, from time to time there are small gray squares or rectangles that appear on screen from top to bottom. Somewhat random, but sometimes they'll appear over vertically over something I'm reading. Very strange. But only in buzz, if I minimize the browser they're not there. Anyone ever seen anything like that? Thanks Scott

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Scott! 

Could you provide reproduction steps that will me to experience this behavior so that I can trounshoot this for you? If it is easier, it may be worthwhile to have a ticket submitted to Agilix Support to address it. 

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Scott Finnegan

Hi Brian


That's the problem, we can't duplicate it on our end at all. Apologies as I know the way I worded it would indicate otherwise, I actually pasted part of that from one of our own end-users who submitted the actual issue/complaint.


At this point we're still investigating when we can, but have to date only received two tickets about it on our end so it's not any sort of widespread issue... thank you though!

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