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Shaunda Dannatt
I am so confused. I am trying to see an assignment that I posted for my students, but when I look at their courses, nothing. When I looked under "help" it sent me to an article that said I should look under activities, but when I look there, it just says "add activities." When I try to look up the lesson I just put in there, it can't find it. So, when I go to look it up in help, I get sort of a circular, look up how to use activities, sends me to agenda, then when I look up agenda it says look up activities...I just want to see the assignments that I have posted already! I have 4 subjects and multiple grade levels, I'm teaching f2f and virtual, so I just cannot remember everything I have done over every platform I have to use!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Shaunda!

I understand that it can be a frustrating time as of right now. I tip my hat to the teachers that are working under these more difficult times.

It will be hard for me to see what may be the cause of this behavior without looking at your enrollment ID. If there are no activities posted in the course editor or in the For Me page (see teacher's gradebook) then I am not sure off the top of my head. I recommend that you reach out to your online education institution to address this issue and if needed they can escalate it with Agilix Support. 



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