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Custom feedback on essay questions and Group

Melissa Moreno
Please define what the options are for "Group" on this page: Specifically if I only wanted the feedback to show for the teacher would I just put "Teacher" in the Group blank?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Melissa:

You can define custom feedback for questions with a group name and condition that would need to be met. 


For example here are two types of feedback with condtions. 

Group = Solution      Condition = teacher




Group = Correct    Condition= 1 


Type: F
Options: Number
Var: a = 3..9
2) 2 * $a$ = _____
@[Solution] Feedback that only the teachers see
@[Correct] Feedback for those with score >= 1

When multiple feedback rows exist, the system displays only the first row that matches a condition. You can enable multiple-feedback-row display by grouping conditions; the system displays the first matching row from each group unless DisplayAll is specified. Start a condition with GroupName: to identify a feedback group:

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