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Allow Late Submissions by default for all assignments etc

David Slavin
Hello , Is there a way to allow late submission for assignments etc for the whole course? I am hoping to not have to go in set this option for each assignment thank you David

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Bruce Sharp

If the assignments are already created, you can change them all at once using the bulk update tool.

In the editor, click on the Activity List tab.

When you see the activity list, click the box in front of each activity you want to edit. Note that you can use the filter at the top of the list to help you.

Once you have your activities selected, you want to click the Edit Tool (pencil)

This takes you to the Bulk Edit screen. There is an option for allowing late submissions.

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David Slavin

Hello again,

Thank you for your assistance, I went through all the steps and I can click on the check boxes, but I can not click on the final Update button on the upper right. It is greyed out. Please advise.

Thank you,


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Bruce Sharp

Hi David,

Typically, that means at least one activity you selected is unable to have this setting. I would try selecting just 2-3 and try it again to see if it works.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey David!

That means that an activity may not be assigned with that setting or there are missing fields that need to be added in the list or invalid selections made before the button will no longer be grayed out. May be good to check that you have course level edit permissions. 

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David Slavin

Thanks again for the reply. I was only trying to  click on --Allow late submissions-- and it was grey. I am bit confused as to 'there are missing fields" Can you explain that?

Also, for example an assessment should be able to have a late assessment. correct?

I will look into our course edit privileges.

Thank you


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Bruce Sharp

I think what Brian means by missing fields is that some settings require other settings first. For example, you can't set allow late submissions unless you first set a due date. If there isn't a due date an assignment can't be late in the first place, right? See in my screenshots how there isn't even an option to accept late submissions until I first set the due date.


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