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Students Course Disappeared

Beth Burson
I am working on the Traditional Pace with my class and have assigned work for Week 2 in LA and Math. I have students that completed assigned work for me in Language Arts and Math for Week 1. I have assigned new lessons for the week, but the students that completed all lessons last week do not have the LA or Math Course listed on their dashboard. They are still in my grade book and can access lessons I assigned today for Science. Is there a setting that needs to needs to be selected so that they can complete assigned lessons and still have access to the Course to complete lessons for week 2? Thank you!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Beth!

It sounds like their student enrollment status changed to completed? Are you viewing you gradebook with inactive enrollments selected in the visibility settings? If not, then I recommend you reach out to your organization's authorized contact to submit a ticket to Agilix Support. 

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