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Cory Mangas
We are using an iPad, but when we try to test the microphone we cannot get it to work.

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Tom Samuelson

We we are using a brand new iPad, all updated with the latest iOS, my son Hollis already has an account his mother made. She sent him to me with schoolwork due today at 2. All she gave me for instructions, written on a piece of paper was 

Download chrome


im not finding this very helpful. I found the .com page and when I tried to “login” it sends me to a screen showing a disassembled robot and error message every time. I’m afraid Hollis is going to fall behind on his schoolwork like he did last year.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello everyone! 

The microphone feature is controlled by the browser/device. We will need more information to address the reported behavior of the microphone to experience the behavior.

If issues remain in this thread please reach out to your teacher/education institution to address and escalate a resolution to address these reported behaviors.  

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Michael Summers


The problem that Cory reported is real.  I am the tech director for a school district with lots of iPads.  We are having the same issue, as are some other area schools. 

I'm not sure what other information you need.  Surely you guys can try to recreate the error without having to get this person to contact his child's school for escalation. 

Our particular implementation is being handled by our state department of education, in cooperation with another organization.  I don't have a number for anyone that truly does tech support for the program.  I have reported the problem and was told that it was brought up on a conference call last week.  

Our iPads are 7th Gen with the latest iPad OS and any lesson that requires the microphone will not work.  The browser (Safari or Chrome) will not ever activate the microphone.  Surely that isn't too hard for support to try and recreate.  

Some sort of effort to address this would be appreciated.

Mike Summers

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