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Leigh McGown
end dates-- time for course

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Leigh McGown

Hi, We are struggling because we made a continuous course with start and end dates-- then registered the students a few days before-- assuming the class would not start before the start date.. it did so now activities do not go through the end of the course-- I tried upping the days of the course but it doesn't not change anything. Please help! 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Leigh:

The placement of activity dates in relation to the course depends on a number of things which include the number of activities in the course, the weight of the nativities (more weight the further out the activity is due), the length of the enrollment start and end dates, etc. We would need to see the course structure to see what is occurring exactly. Your organization may submit a ticket to Agilix Support if assistance is needed. 

However, if you need dates to fall on specific days then you will need to use a range type course. 

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