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Answer keys location?

Shauna Davies
Is there an answer key for the printables? Or the worksheets that I'm finding in lessons? It looks like the quizzes we can take and it gives us the answers. Thank you!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Shauna:

I am not sure I fully understand your questions. Could you clarify your request? Currently answers are available on questions in assessment activity types.


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Shauna Davies

Inside each lesson there are printable worksheets.  For example in 5th Grade Language Arts there is a worksheet called Nimble Nouns.  We are trying to locate answer keys to the printable worksheets.  All of the quiz/assessments I do know are auto-graded in Florida Virtual, which is nice!  However, the worksheets that have the print icon are the answer keys I am trying to locate. 

Thanks so much for your reply! 

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Lori Nigh

Hi Shauna, I found answer keys for the printable PDF worksheets by doing the following steps:

1. Log in as teacher

2. Select subject folder (e.g. Chemistry...)

3. Select "Activities"

4. Select the "Resources" folder

5. Select "Teacher's Guide"

6. Navigate to the page "Assessments, Answer Keys, & Rubrics" (using either the drop-down menu from the title or using the page number advance tabs across the bottom of the page)

On that page, I found a list of assignments for grading along with their answer keys. The ones you are looking for are the ones that are not automatically included in the gradebook/are not automatically graded by the software, and they are identified by a link(s) to a page(s) that contain the answer keys. The software prompts you to enter a password, which you will find located at the top of the same page. This page has two main tabs as you scroll down - a Semester A tab and a Semester B tab. 

Hope you find what you need. I am pretty sure this is what you were looking for. I had the same question, saw your post, and eventually ended up finding the answer.


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Bruce Sharp

The reason Brian couldn’t really answer your question is because Agilix (Buzz) doesn’t provide content. Buzz is just the framework for others to add content. Shauna, you said you’re using Florida Virtual. The answer keys (if they exist) would be wherever FV put them. My school, for example, built all of our own curriculum into Buzz. Thus the only items in my Algebra course, for instance, are those that our Algebra team put there.

If Lori is also using Florida Virtual, then that should be the correct path to answer sheets. If her school is using other content, it is likely to be organized differently.

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