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Scheduler for Groups

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Marc Collins
I understand how to differentiate due dates with groups - it is summed up in the following statement : "When you create a due date or grade visibility date using the All groups option, these dates appear on the Scheduling tab of the Editor tool; however, group-specific settings can only be reviewed using the activity editor and the Group Settings tab of the Editor tool." That quote was from here: My feedback would be to have a little drop down to choose which group to work with from on the scheduler tab so teachers can utilize that convenient feature for scheduling due dates for groups. Something very similar to the way the user chooses which group to modify in the activity editor. Being able to use the interactive monthly calendar view makes a big difference in usability for a feature so often utilized. Our teachers are going to be needing to differentiate due dates much more this year due to COVID-19 requiring we meet in small groups and can not see all students at once. I imagine that we would not be the only school that would be happy to see this as a new feature at this time. I think it will still work for us though! Thank you for listening!!! Marc


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