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Due date in continuous courses not following settings

Bernd Helzer
When creating an assessment item with these settings in a continuous course, the START button is disabled with the message the Due Date has passed. flags: { $value: 0x800 }, duedate: { $value: `${today}T23:59:00Z` }, duedategrace: { $value: -1 }, The rest of the UI, like the TODO list seems to handle it correctly. Even the top of the activity player says Due: Today. This seems wrong in two ways: 1. As the date end with 0, it should be shifted to the student time zone. 2. The duedategrace should allow for late submissions

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Bernd! 

I tested this and I am unable to replicate experiencing the start button being grayed out. Did you need to wait till the UTC time passed as part of your testing?

ItemData I used:



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Bernd Helzer

You may need to wait until this afternoon, after end of day UTC to see this error. The second part of easier, you can just set the due date to yesterday.

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