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Automatically Log a User In

Ryan Nelson
Hi, we have a situation where we want to manage observer user accounts (username/password) and automatically log the user in from a different website. We tried utilizing the login2 command, but it isn't keeping the session. So what we are looking for is to log the user in through JSON/XML command, then go to the domain for the user. Is this possible?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Ryan:

The reason why logging the user in doesn't work seamlessly in your case is because we do not use cookie-based authentication. Instead, the authentication token is good for that particular session. As an alternative, you could use a formal SSO standard (CAS, SAML) or Buzz's token-based authentication. The latter involves logging the user in the third-party app (e.g., Login2) and passing the `token` from the response to Buzz.

For example, if the Login2 response returned a `token` with a value of `~123456abcdefgh`, and your Buzz URL was, then your link (or launch URL) should be:

Replace the subdomain with your userspace and the `token` value with your authentication token.

Does that make sense?

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Ryan Nelson



You just saved the day!  That worked flawlessly!

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