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Teacher Training Set Up

Darlene Reed
I am in the process of setting up a training for teachers to practice building their own learning activities in Buzz. For them to be able to easily view, and possibly co-build with peers, I am planning to create grade level sandboxes courses. Each grade level teacher would be building content in their own folder within their respective grade level sandbox course. Is there risk of issues having up to 5-15 educators building in the same course at the same time? If so, what would be your recommendation? Thank you!

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Jeremy Walker

HI Darlene,

I have a group course with individual folders within them for one of my PD courses similar to what you have described.

I sometimes run into issues b/c they are experimenting with course settings or using assignments that block access until completed. That then jams up other users when they are trying to practice. Since I want them to see what others are doing, I deal with this issue, but it does cause more support time cleaning things up.

For my other PD course, I have them create their own practice courses and enroll me as a student and co-teacher so I can see what they are doing, but they don't jam up others.

If they are all going to be working in the same folders/on the same content at the same time, that does tend to become an issue b/c they could be editing the same page at the same time - I always try to talk to my master course builders about this issue so they aren't trying to work on the same thing at the same time.

I hope that helps,


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Darlene Reed

Hi Jeremy, 

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your response and hearing about your experiences in those scenarios. It was helpful!

Thanks again,


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