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Retries in Continuous Courses

Annette Walaszek

Thanks, as always, for the fantastic improvements to Buzz! I have a question about the update to the To Do list:

In this update, the To-do List will be enhanced to display activities with due dates in several additional scenarios. These include: Activities that have been allowed a retry and the due date or grace period has not expired.

Can you clarify how this will work in Continuous courses with Target Due Dates? Will all re-tries appear on the student's To Do list since the due date is just a target/suggested date? Or will re-tries only appear if the Target Due Date has not yet been reached?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes. In a continuous enrollment course, a retry will remain on the student's to-do list until:

  • the retry has been removed by the grader
  • the student completes the activity (again in some cases)
  • the student's enrollment ends.

Does this address your questions?

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Annette Walaszek

Thank you, Brad. That does answer my questions and great news that the re-tries will be a bit more "front and center" for our continuous enrollment students!

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