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Amy Rountree
Hello, In the grading window I wish there was an "I" for "incomplete" option when grading student work. I don't like giving students a zero or a minimal score when they have turned in work. I would love for an "incomplete" grade to allow students to go back into assessment-type assignments without having to do a retry, which wipes out all the work they have done before on the assessment. I recognize that many would not like this feature with assessments, but you could toggle it on and off in the settings. I would like this feature for other assignments as well, as I think it would alert students to the need to finish something without seeing a poor grade. It could also be helpful on discussion assignments as students frequently neglect to comment on others work after they submit their own.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Amy:

Thank you for providing feedback and your desire to improve the user experience in Buzz. We will take this feedback into consideration. In the future I recommend posting suggested product feedback within the Buzz: Product Feedback forum so we can better track such requests. 

The forum that this post was created under is the Buzz Questions & Answers, which is intended for users to ask questions and collaborate answering their own questions. 

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