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404 - Page Not Found

Jaret Hendrickson
My son is unable to log into Buzz on his Chromebook this morning. He has been using the site for several weeks without issue but this morning receives a 404 - Page Not Found page on all login attempts. He is able to access the site on another computer in the house. Do you have suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

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Jaret Hendrickson

We wiped the Chromebook and started over and it is now working.  So, problem resolved.

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Jaret Hendrickson

Actually after logging in and changing pages the issue is back.  404 - Not Found.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jaret!

I am sorry this behavior is occurring for you. I am able to login successfully to my Buzz site using a Chromebook. It's possible the link to the school is not valid or something is wrong with the school's authentication method. Make sure there is nothing trailing in the web link after ".com" when inputting the schools web link into the browser's navigation bar. If the issue is still occurring, please reach out to your school to address the behavior.    

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