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Overall Grade Column Missing

Cheree Childers
Hello, Received communication that the "Overall Grade" score column is missing from all classes for Teachers. When we go into the settings cog wheel for the Teachers the gradebook is set to show the "Score" column, but the overall score column is not visible. Is there another setting that would be impacting the view of overall Score column?

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Amy Rountree

This is also something that could be changed by settings on the "course settings" page under the "edit" menu. 

There are more settings there under "gradebook options" and also under "advanced options". 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Cheree! 

Do they mean the course grade column in the teacher's gradebook? The only teacher gradebook display visibility setting that contains "Overall" is for "Overall Completion".

If the behavior still occurs with the teacher gradebook grade display settings enabled, another option is to see if the domain is using grading periods and if the option "Enable weighted periods and final course score" is selected. Otherwise I recommend submitting a ticket to Agilix Support so it may get addressed sooner. 


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Cheree Childers


Yes, I mean the course grade column. We have it set to show, but it is not being displayed. Will check other settings mentioned, but sounds like we need to submit ticket with more specifics. Thank you!

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