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Error wipes away MC exam questions away

Ernest Paul Cornejo
In my MA8B final exam, I submitted all my questions. I was sure I answered everything, then I submitted. Of course I did answer all 40 questions, but after a few minutes of waiting (it really took this long) I got an error. It said "Unable to submit". I clicked again, checking all the questions. The multiple choice questions were all clicked, and I submitted again. But after this, the computer (or perhaps that same error) wiped those MC exam questions away. Only the free response questions weren't "wiped away". Whoever knows this, PLEASE HELP ME! This just happened in my final exam, and I need to know why it happened and if I can fix it.

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Ernest Paul Cornejo

Oh, so I was wrong. My answers are there. Sorry.


Question: Why did the results show no answers on MC questions at first. Does it really happen to people other than me?

That all I'm asking now; I was very worried. So what was it that caused my MC questions to show nothing when the teacher said they were all answered?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Ernest Paul Cornejo!

It is possible for an assessment to not show the choices or options until a certain time or date. It is possible that the course author made a setting so that you could not review the results until later in the day. However, for us to know the exact cause, we would to diagnose it with your school or course provider.

If you would like us to further investigate this, please reach out to your school or course provider for them to create a ticket with us, if needed.

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Ernest Paul Cornejo

Eh, I'm just thinking it's just minor error I faced. Oh well, at least I know from my teacher that my answers are there and I passed that Math final exam.

Have a nice christmas next week!

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