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Gradebook Shading and Lines

Is there a setting that we can get a darker shading, black lines, or higher contrast in our gradebooks? The lines and shading are extremely light and I have a very hard time seeing students that have been "selected" in my gradebook. The little checkbox is not enough :( This wasn't bad until the updates this summer then the contrast became extremely vague. Help! (Thank you in advance :) )

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member


There currently isn't an option in Buzz to change the contrast of the rows and columns in the gradebook. If possible, changing the contrast or color hue on your monitor may provide an improvement. We did make some improvements in the contrast of the gradebook recently. Could you provide a screenshot (without personal information) of the current state of the gradebook you are seeing and a sample of the color hue/contrast you desire for us to take into consideration? 

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